Summary of company

Cornerstore is a restaurant in Amsterdam-Noord with a focus on East-Asian flavors and a vibrant, dynamic atmosphere. 
Guests can choose from a vegetable focussed set menu (7-10 kitchen dishes with meat/fish options to add) or a la carte dishes. 
We mostly use organically and bio dynamically grown products. 

For a job application or more info, please email to with a resume and short motivation.

role: junior sever

Summary of the position and duties

As junior server you are responsible for performing activities as described in flow of service.


  • responsible for the correct execution of the work as described in the flow of service document
  • responsible for a professional, open and hospitable appearance to guests and colleagues
  • responsible for reporting any bottlenecks on time
  • responsible for performing requested tasks by senior colleagues


  • open and close as indicated in the open/close list
  • responsible for enforcing rules regarding neighbors/municipality (windows/music/terrace etc.)
  • responsible for daily accurate admin of shift

Professional attitude

  • speaks enthusiastically about the company, the position, the profession and the customers
  • reserves time and energy for personal development within the field
  • manages to keep an overview in unexpected situations and to remain flexible
  • identifies incidents and special situations
  • discusses bottlenecks (timely and in the right place)

Autonomy and independence

  • communicates openly (acceptance of/respect for the other, clear, empathetic and sincere)
  • knows how to deal with resistance professionally (directly and indirectly)
  • takes responsibility for own actions, stress, work pressure, planning, own feelings, thoughts and needs

For a job application or more info, please email to with a resume and short motivation.